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I am excited that OpenAjax Alliance is officially open now. Over the last months months, we have worked very hard and have made some incredible progress, depsite the heterogeneous nature of many different members representing different viewpoints. One person that definitely deserves credit for getting us to where we are today is Jon Ferraiolo - In fact, I could not think of  a second person better than Jon in help driving alliance forward, and I congrat David Boloker(IBM)  for making such an excellent hire! Please check out our website at http://www.openajax.com. What we achieved in the last few months - with lots of conference calls, emails and late night work from many different people: 1. Marketing: we designed the logo for the organization. Dylan Schiemann (Dojo Toolkit) played an important role here. We also finished a white paper trying to clarify the Ajax land... (more)

Adobe Open Sourcing Flex a Sign of Desperation?

(April 26, 2007) - Adobe sent out a press release this morning titled "Adobe to Open Source Flex". Is that so? Dana Blankenhorn from ZDNet says this is A sign of desperation from Adobe...Is that so? After reading the press release a few times, the title "to Open Source Flex" seems to be misleading a little bit. Adobe is NOT open sourcing Flex. Adobe is only open sourcing a part of Flex, only the part that will help Flex adoption without giving away revenue source(side note: nothing wrong with this, but just thought it would be helpful to have it clarified). More in detail: The ... (more)

Possible Solutions to Web Security Issues

Coach Wei's Blog The “Same Origin Policy” is at the core of browser’s security model.  Under the “Same Origin Policy”, a web resource can only interact with another web resource if and only if both resources are from the same origin. However, “Cross site scripting” and “cookie” both brings security challenges in this security model. “Cross site scripting” However, there is a notable exception to this rule. The “Same Origin Policy” does not apply to scripts and thus enables something typically called &ldq... (more)

AJAX & RIA Journal Special: Results of OpenAjax Alliance's Browser Feature Wish List

What does the Ajax community want from future browsers? How are these different requests prioritized? Web developers have done amazing things with Ajax for both Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 applications, but what barriers need to be removed to enable the next generation of browser-based innovations? The future of Ajax runtime environments matters more than ever today.  In late 2007, OpenAjax Alliance formed the Runtime Task Force (http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Runtime) to address this community concern. The goal is to collect, articulate, and prioritize key issues from the Ajax comm... (more)

AJAX-Heavy Applications on Google Chrome

“This is the best browser so far” is that I can say after being a Chrome user for one day. First of all, I was glad to find out that I haven’t found Chrome breaking any web application yet, especially Ajax applications. I was a little concerned about this, given that the Chrome cartoons say “Javascript runs in its own thread”, which is different from the threading model today. For example, Razor Profiler is a fairly Javascript-heavy web application that I wrote to perform JavaScript profiling and Ajax performance analysis. It includes tens of thousands of lines of JavaScript code... (more)