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The F2F meeting of OpenAjax Alliance at NYC on March 21st worked out really well in my oppinion. As a result of the last F2F meeting in October 2007, we formed a new task force called "Runtime Advocacy Task Force" at OpenAjax. The goal of Runtime Task Force is to collect a "wish list" from the Ajax community, get the communities involved, have active dialogs and engage browser vendors, with the goal of fixing the issues that have bugged down Ajax developers and help build a better web. So far we've collected a list of 29 issues, of which we hope to open up to the general public for review/comments/voting. The discussions around Ajax Runtime wish list were fantastic. Douglas Crockford from Yahoo, Jon Ferraiolo  (IBM and OpenAjax), Howard Weingram (Tibco), Gideon Lee (OpenSpot), Dylan Schiemann, (Sitepen and Dojo), Alex Russell (Dojo), Bertrand Roy (Microsoft), Yehuda... (more)

Two Key Challenges for Ajax Adoption that We Have Ignored

Two Key Challenges for Ajax Adoption that We Have Ignored by coachwei on Tue 11 Jul 2006 12:52 PM EDT  |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos There are some fairly big issues with Ajax and I am puzzled. I think the Ajax community need to pay more attention here in order for Ajax to be really adopted. Before i get into the negatives about Ajax, let me clarify my position about Ajax first. Yes, there are huge amount of excitement around Ajax. Web companies like Google, and Yahoo are obviously behind Ajax - not only building Ajax-based applications like GoogleMap and Yahoo Mail, but also provid... (more)

Dojo Grid and Open Source Community Contribution

Coach Wei's Blog My company, Nexaweb, together with SitePen, Mozilla Foundation, Redfin, etc, joined force in making an important contribution to the open source community. See SitePen, Mozilla Foundation, Nexaweb Technologies, Redfin, & SnapLogic Announce Open Source Contribution of TurboAjax Group’s High-Performance Grid Widget to Dojo Foundation. This is interesting not only because it bridges a gap in Dojo toolkit.  Dojo has been the most credible offering in the Ajax marketplace so far (there are a few other good ones too, such as jQuery and EXT, though they have differe... (more)

Java or .NET? XML Rich-Client AJAX Technology Brings Zero-Install Rich Client To Java

This article originally appeard in Java Developer's Journal on October 10, 2005 Which platform to use Java or .NET? Developers ask this question all the time. Java has been widely adopted because of its overwhelming benefits on the server side, but Java has less to offer on the client side. .NET has made inroads into the enterprise by leveraging its stronger rich-client capabilities. An alternative solution for enterprise-scale Internet application development is the emerging XML-based rich-client technology. .NET Erosion from the Client Side There are good reasons why Java is th... (more)

Web 2.0 Re-Examined: Nexaweb's Coach Wei On The Paradigm Shift, Technology Stack and Business Value

The Paradigm Shift, Technology Stack and Business ValueAbstract This essay  re-examines web 2.0 by looking at its technology stack and impact on enterprise computing, in contrast to the common consumer-centric point of view. Categorizing the landscape into Consumer Web 2.0 and Enterprise Web 2.0, the essay establishes a web 2.0 technology stack that forms the foundation of a paradigm shift called “architecture of partition”. In the end, the business impact of web 2.0 technologies on enterprises is presented. Table of ContentWeb 2.0: the State of Confusion What is Web 2... (more)