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This article originally appeared in XML-Journal on March 10, 2004 XML is a simple, flexible text format initially designed for large-scale electronic publishing. It is flexible, open, and human-readable, and can be learned easily. XML can also be generated, parsed, analyzed, and transformed easily. It's no wonder that XML has been widely used for server-side computing: J2EE, .NET, and Web services. However, we have not seen significant use of XML on the client side to date. When we write client-side code, we are likely using HTML/DHTML for browser-based applications, Win32 for Windows desktop applications, and Java Swing/J2ME for Java applications. The truth of the matter is that XML makes a lot of sense for client-side computing. The difference between client-side computing and server-side computing is that the former is more concerned with user presentation and i... (more)

Jonathan Schwartz Doesn't Matter?

Jonathan Schwartz Doesn't Matter? by coachwei on Fri 30 Jun 2006 10:30 AM EDT  |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos BusinessWeek 2.0 recently awarded Jonathan Schwartz one of the "Ten People Who Don't Matter". Schwartz wrote a response in his blog, expressing his gratitude for being honored together with Steve Balmer and Linus Torvalds. The blog's  title is "60 days into the Job",  referring to the fact that he has been in the CEO job for only two months. I'd  agree that it is too hasty to judge him. Yes, Sun has been lost for the last few years. They don't seem to acknowledge that the Spa... (more)

Is Enterprise Software Dead?

The shifting enterprise software market (business model, M&A landscape, investment, sales and marketing strategies, etc) is a subject that I studied quite a lot over the last few years. One of the angles that I use is to study the behavior of the venture capital community. Quite a few VCs told me that they are “not excited” about enterprise software. Some of them stay away from this sector completely. Some of them will only invest in Software-As-A-Service opportunities. Some of them are desperately looking for web 2.0 consumer startups now (do you know any?:-)). At a... (more)

OpenAjax is Officially Open Now

I am excited that OpenAjax Alliance is officially open now. Over the last months months, we have worked very hard and have made some incredible progress, depsite the heterogeneous nature of many different members representing different viewpoints. One person that definitely deserves credit for getting us to where we are today is Jon Ferraiolo - In fact, I could not think of  a second person better than Jon in help driving alliance forward, and I congrat David Boloker(IBM)  for making such an excellent hire! Please check out our website at http://www.openajax.com. What we achieved... (more)

Achieving Business and IT Agility with Enterprise Web 2.0

Web 2.0 technologies promise to turn the Internet into a true application platform, featuring robust client-side logic and rich interfaces that put users back in control of application flow. For the enterprise IT community, achieving the aims of Web 2.0 requires looking beyond the adoption of popular Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) development languages like AJAX, Flash, Java, and .NET. Companies looking to implement an Enterprise Web 2.0 (EW2.0) strategy require a platform that provides standardization and simplification across different business applications and development ... (more)